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Your primary care doctor is your first point of contact in preventing, understanding and caring for any health-related concerns.

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Get care for common health concerns from home, work or on the go with virtual care. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet. 

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Getting the right care at every stage of life is important. That’s where primary care doctors come in. They oversee all of your health care and become a trusted partner. They’ll also be there for you if you ever have to make an urgent health care decision. 

We have several types of primary care providers:

Services of a primary care doctor

Your primary care provider is your main point of contact for all your health care needs. They do annual wellness exams and recommend appropriate screening tests and preventive care. They also prescribe medications and help you manage any ongoing health conditions. 

Your primary care provider will also:

  • Help coordinate your care and your care team
  • Make sure you get appropriate medical services
  • Refer you to specialists when needed
  • Avoid duplicating tests and services

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Disclaimer: Optum Care Washington and The Polyclinic d/b/a Optum Care Washington (the “Practices”) are both physician owned and led practices having complete authority for all medical decision-making and patient care through their physicians and other licensed professionals. Optum, through its management organizations (“Optum”) provides non-clinical administrative services to support the Practices and their physicians. Neither Optum nor its management companies employs, engages, or supervises physicians or other licensed professionals, or determines or sets the methods, standards, or conduct of the practice of medicine or exercise of medical judgment or health care provided by the Practices or by any of their licensed professionals. “Part of Optum” reflects that the practices are part of Optum’s effort to support forward-thinking physician practices in helping their patients live healthier lives.