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MyChart is a powerful, online tool that lets you see all of your health information all in one place. Use it to manage care for yourself and your family members. It’s free, easy to use and secure. And it’s available 24 hours a day.

With MyChart, you can:

  • View your health summary, test results and summaries of your doctor visits.
  • Read your doctor’s notes and recommendations from recent visits.
  • Receive reminders about routine care, including physicals and shots.
  • Exchange messages with your health care team. 
  • Schedule and cancel appointments.

You can access MyChart on your desktop or laptop computer. To use it on your iPhone or Android smartphone, download the MyChart mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play. 


Manage your care, simply and easily

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  • MyChart puts a wide range of features at your fingertips by letting you:

    • See your health history, medications, recommended preventive services, scanned documents, including diagnostic images, and much more. 
    • Download your records and share them with health care professionals at other organizations.
    • Link available medical records from providers outside The Polyclinic to your MyChart record. This helps create a more complete record of your health care history, all in one place.
    • View and edit personal details and update your contact information.
    • Save your favorite appointments (type and provider) to make scheduling your next visit easier.
  • MyChart can be used to exchange messages with your health care team. Please keep messages short and to the point. Allow up to three business days for a reply. All messages are added to your medical record and kept as legal documentation.

    Note: Do not use MyChart for urgent medical problems. If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 right away.

  • It typically takes about 48 hours for medical information from doctor visits to show up in your MyChart account. Your doctor may also include a message to help you better understand that information. 

    Test results will also be posted. Timing varies by test and may take up to several weeks. Tests done before setting up your MyChart account may not automatically show up. Ask your provider about having this information added to your account.

    Your MyChart information comes from your Epic electronic health record. If you think information about a doctor visit is wrong, call your doctor's office or ask about it at your next clinic visit.

  • If you're out of refills at your pharmacy, you can ask for a renewal for a currently prescribed medication. Simply log into your MyChart account, select “Refill Medications,” choose the medication and pharmacy, then click submit.

  • Proxy access means having access to another person's medical information. This allows you to communicate with that person’s doctor and health care team on their behalf. 

    Proxy access may be requested by:

    • Parents or legal guardians of children under age 18 
    • Adult children or legal guardians of adults 
    • If you are age 18 or older, you may ask another person to serve as proxy for your medical records

    For adult patients:

    • The forms for proxy activation must be completed and signed. Photo ID for both the patient and the person designated as proxy is required. 
    • The proxy must provide proof of guardianship or medical power of attorney.
    • If the adult patient cannot sign legal documents and doesn’t have a legal guardian or active medical power of attorney, proxy access cannot be given.

    For pediatric patients: 

    • The forms for proxy activation must be completed and signed; a photo ID is required. 
    • If the person asking for proxy access is not the birth or adoptive parent of the child, legal paperwork proving he/she is the legally recognized caregiver for the child is required.

    In keeping with Washington State regulations, proxy access may be granted for children ages 13 to 17. But the type of information available to the proxy is limited. For more information about this, contact your child’s doctor. 


Getting started

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  • There are several ways to sign up for MyChart: 

    • Letter — Ask your doctor’s office to mail you a letter with instructions on how to sign up. 
    • Email or text — Ask your doctor’s office to send you a sign-up email or text. 
    • Online — Visit
    • At the clinic — Ask a Polyclinic team member to help you sign up during your visit.

    In each instance, you’ll receive an access code that's valid for a certain period of time. You'll need this code to open your account. Then you'll create your own ID and password to use when signing in to your MyChart account.

  • When you set up your MyChart account, you'll need to provide an email address. This allows you to receive notifications about activity in MyChart, including new information added after a doctor visit. You can log in and view that information anytime.  

    You can also choose to receive notifications by phone. And if you have the MyChart mobile app, you can ask for notifications to be sent by text. 

  • If you forget your user name and password, don’t worry. Under the “Sign In” button on the login screen, you’ll find clickable links to help you recover your user name and password.

    If you have questions about signing in or problems accessing MyChart, we’re here to help. Call our MyChart Help Desk at 1-206-320-6767 or 1-855-322-6767 toll free.


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