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Plastic surgery


Our plastic surgeons are experts in restoring beauty and function to the face and body.

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Polyclinic Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures and reconstructive services. We also offer nonsurgical treatments to improve and refresh the appearance of the skin.

Most of our surgeons have practiced in Seattle for many years and are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Each has specific areas of expertise. And all have helped thousands of patients look and feel their best. 

Most cosmetic procedures and reconstructions are day surgeries. These are done at our Medicare approved Ambulatory Plastic Surgery Center. If your surgery requires an overnight stay, we work with Swedish Medical Center’s First Hill Campus. 

For more information about our surgeons and services, visit The Polyclinic Plastic Surgery website

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Call 1-206-860-5582 to schedule an appointment or for more information. Fax forms, patient referrals and other documents to 1-206-860-4750.


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Most surgeries require anesthesia to ease pain during and after surgery. We specialize in using regional anesthesia, which numbs only a part of the body. We also use various sedation techniques. The goal is to keep you comfortable. A specialist oversees this care.

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  • Breast reconstruction surgery restores the look of one or both breasts after a mastectomy (removal) or lumpectomy. We do various types of reconstructive surgeries, including: 

    • Tissue expanders (stretching chest skin to make room for a breast implant)
    • Implants (saline or gel)
    • Flap surgery (using tissue from the belly, back and other areas to create a new breast)
    • Tummy tuck 
    • Arm lift 
    • Fat removal (liposuction)
    • Breast implants 
    • Breast lift
    • Breast reduction
    • Face/neck lift
    • Eyelid surgery 
    • Forehead lift
    • Nose surgery
    • Chin and cheek implants
    • Ear surgery 
    • Botox®, Kybella®, facial fillers and laser treatments
    • Chemical peels 
    • Professional skin care products

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