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CT lung screening


CT lung screening tests help doctors find out if you have lung cancer.

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Every year, more than 200,000 people in the U.S. learn they have lung cancer. At this time, the most effective way to screen for lung cancer is a CT scan. It helps find problems early and can lower the chances of dying from lung cancer in people more likely to get it.

Some risks or problems with lung cancer screening are:

  • Detecting lung cancer may not improve your health or help you live longer
  • Sometimes test results aren’t right
  • You’re being exposed to radiation in the chest area

You should talk to your doctor if:

  • You’re between 55 to 77 years old
  • You’re a smoker or you’ve quit within the last 15 years
  • You have history of heavy smoking  

About this test

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  • We may give you a gown to wear during the exam. You'll lie flat on your back on the exam table. We may use straps and pillows to help you keep still and stay in the correct place on the table during the exam.

    Next, the table will move quickly through the scanner to make sure you'll be in the right place on the table during the exam. Then, the table will move slowly through the scanner during the exam. The table may need to move through the scanner several times.

  • On the day of your scan

    • Wear comfortable clothing that fits loosely
    • Remove bras with metal underwire and any metal or jewelry you may be wearing
    • Tell our staff if there’s any chance you may be pregnant

    If there’s a chance you're pregnant, a pregnancy test should be done before the exam.

  • A specialized radiologist will review your exam and send a report to your doctor. Your doctor will talk to you about your exam results. After you talk to your doctor, the results are also available on MyChart.

  • For general questions, call 1-206-329-1760. For billing questions, call 1-206-860-4500.




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