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Coronary angiography


Coronary angiography is a heart test that looks at the vessels that bring blood to your heart.

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Coronary angiography is a heart imaging scan that takes pictures of your arteries, the blood vessels that supply the heart. It’s also called coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA).

Unlike more traditional scans, a CCTA can be done quickly. Little to no recovery time is needed.


About CCTA 

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  • The scan will take about one hour. A nurse will be with you for the whole scan. During the scan, you're usually alone in the scanner room. Our staff will watch you through a window and can talk to you with a two-way intercom.

    You may be given a gown to wear during the exam. Next, an IV and blood pressure cuff will be placed on your arm. You may be given medications to slow your heart rate. You'll be brought into the CT room once you're at the correct heart rate.

    Small pads or patches called electrodes will be put on your chest and connected to an EKG machine. Next, you'll lie on the exam table, usually flat on your back.

    We may use straps and pillows to help you keep still and stay in the correct place on the table during the exam.

    Next, the table will move quickly through the scanner to make sure you'll be in the right place on the table during the exam. Then, the table will move slowly through the scanner during the exam. The table may need to move through the scanner several times.

    We'll ask you to hold your breath for 20 to 30 seconds while we take pictures of your heart. It's important to be completely still while the pictures of your heart are taken.

    Next, you'll be given a shot of contrast. This is to help take better pictures during the exam. The contrast shot may give you a warm flushing feeling.

  • Before your scan

    Your doctor may order blood work if you’re over 60 years of age and:

    • IV contrast will be used
    • You’re diabetic or have kidney (organs that filter blood) disease

    On the day of your scan

    • Bring someone with you to escort you
    • Wear comfortable clothing that fits loosely. We may give you a gown to wear.
    • Remove bras with metal underwire and any metal or jewelry you may be wearing
    • Don’t drink caffeine for 24 hours before your scan
    • Tell your doctor about any medications you’re taking or allergies you have, especially to contrast material
    • Tell your doctor about any recent illnesses you’ve had
    • Tell our staff if there’s any chance you may be pregnant

    If you have a history of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney (organ that filters blood) disease or thyroid problems, that may affect the results of the exam. If there’s a chance you're pregnant, a pregnancy test should be done before the exam.

  • A specialized radiologist will review your exam and send a report to your doctor. Your doctor will talk to you about your exam results. After you talk to your doctor, the results are also available on MyChart.

    When you'll get results will depend on what type of CT scan you're having.

  • If your doctor tells you that you need this test, we'll contact you to schedule it. Coronary angiography scans require a pre-authorization form from your insurance company.

    If you choose to have a coronary angiography scan without a pre-authorization form, we require a deposit payment at your appointment. You may also be responsible for the full cost of your scan after your insurance has been billed.

    For general questions, please call 1-206-329-1760. For billing information, call 1-206-860-4500. To schedule an appointment, call 1-206-860-5496, option 2.


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