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Managing diabetes is a lifelong journey. We’ll help you learn about the disease and take control of it.

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When you have diabetes, every day is a balancing act. You need to eat well, stay active, keep your blood sugar stable, learn to prevent complications and more. The information below can help make all of that easier.  


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  • Knowing and understanding the ABCs of diabetes can help you avoid diabetes-related health problems. Talk with your doctor about every letter at every visit. Also, be sure to follow through on all lab visits and medical appointments.

    The ABCs of diabetes:

    • A1C is your average blood sugar level in the past few months; for most people, it should be less than 7–8%
    • Blood pressure, ideally lower than 140/90
    • Cholesterol (the fat in your blood); your LDL should be less than 100
    • Diabetes education; keep learning everything you can about your diabetes
    • Eye exam every year
    • Foot exam at every doctor visit to check for good circulation and nerve function
    • Goals; talk with your doctor and care team to set goals
  • Learning to manage type 1 or type 2 diabetes takes time. Our education program can help. All classes offer useful information and practical advice that can help make your life better and easier. 

    For example, in our program for patients with type 2 diabetes, we track outcomes before and after patients complete a class. On average, patients who complete the program reduce their A1C by 1.8%. They also improve their LDL cholesterol by 10%. 

  • Emotional support is an important part of diabetes care. Talking with others who know firsthand the daily challenges of diabetes can be very helpful. Our free support group provides this opportunity and a safe place to share your experiences.

  • The Polyclinic is one of the largest multispecialty groups in the Puget Sound area. We offer:

    • Primary care for newborns to older adults
    • Urgent care
    • More than 30 areas of specialty care
    • A wide range of services
    • 12 locations throughout Seattle
    If you need specialty care of any kind, we’ll connect you to the provider who’s right for you. All are committed to improving the lives of patients through expert care, research and education.
  • The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against diabetes and fights for those affected by it. Learn more at


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