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If you need IV services of any kind, we offer expert care and convenient locations.

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The Polyclinic has several on-site infusion centers that offer intravenous (IV) services. Our centers are unique in that they allow our specialty physicians to work with our IV therapists to care for patients.

What are IV services?

IVs deliver fluids containing medication or other treatments directly into a patient’s vein. Conditions that patients get IVs for include cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and dehydration (a dangerous lack of fluid in the body).

IV treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy (cancer treatment; Madison Center only)
  • Antibiotics (medicines that stop infections caused by germs)
  • Biologics (drugs produced from living cells from humans, animals and other sources)
  • Hydration (fluids that hydrate faster than water alone)

We only see patients who are referred by Polyclinic physicians. If you have any questions, please contact your physician directly.


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