Sleep quality and quantity count

Dr. Yujean Han urges patients to focus on both.

August 6, 2020


A good night’s sleep isn’t just about how many hours of sleep you get, but also how you feel when you wake up. Both sleep quality and quantity can affect this.

It can be easier to measure sleep quantity than sleep quality because we can look at a clock or use a fitness device. Sleep quality can be more of a challenge.



Hear what this sleep specialist has to say


Dr. Yujean Han, a sleep medicine doctor at The Polyclinic, encourages her patients to focus on both quality and quantity of sleep.

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Yujean Han, DO: A lot of times when people think of sleep medicine, they instantly think of insomnia or sleep apnea. It's more than that. It's a big umbrella category to where there is a lot of things to consider when improving overall sleep quality.

So my name is Yujean Han, I’m working with the Sleep Medicine department in The Broadway location and The Northgate location. I treat the whole scope of sleep and sleep disorders and, so whether that fall into sleep disorder breathing which harm you sleep apneas. But, also insomnia, getting to the root of insomnia as well. But, also there is the occasional hypersomnia disorders as well as circadian rhythm disorders. So, it’s the whole spectrum of sleep disorders that I treat.

The most important relationship is the, the patient-to-physician relationship and we have to work together, we have to listen on both sides. But, also learn from each other in order to get to where the patient wants to be in regards to sleep. I think at the end of the day it’s being able to ah listen, because sometimes patients don’t know how to express what they are having, so it’s having to piecing together all of that information in order to come up with a differential diagnosis,so we can get to testing, and then we can get to treatment ultimately to help them out. 

When they come back to me, and they say they are sleeping better, because I think that impacts not just their sleep quality, but their quality of life, so work is better, relationships are better, and so quality of life has improved. That’s the most gratifying part of it. 



What are signs you have sleep problems?

Some signs of sleep problems include:

  • Waking up many times in the night
  • Having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Waking up with morning headaches

How we can help

Working with a sleep medicine doctor can help you have higher sleep quality. “A lot of times when people think of sleep medicine, they instantly think of insomnia or sleep apnea,” said Dr. Han. “It’s more than that. There are many sleep disorders to think about.”

Han helps people find out if they have sleep disorders. Many don’t realize the impact daily habits have on sleep quality. For example, caffeine can have a half-life of up to six hours. That means a late afternoon cup of coffee could affect your sleep that night.

“We have to listen to and learn from each other to get to a patient’s goal regarding sleep,” says Han. “When sleep quality improves, work is better, relationships are better and quality of life improves. That’s the most gratifying part of it.”

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