Check early and often to stop skin cancer

We talk about how to spot skin cancer and how to get care.

July 7, 2020


Skin cancer can be found early. That's why it's important to look over your skin regularly, noting any moles, freckles, spots, scars or changes in skin appearance. The ABCDE method can help you check early and often for skin cancer. 

The ABCDEs of skin cancer are:

  • Asymmetry — One side does not match the other.
  • Border — Edges are irregular, indistinct, scalloped or notched.
  • Color — There is variation in color, both within and around the mole.
  • Diameter — Size is larger than a pencil eraser or 6 millimeters.
  • Evolving — The mole or spot has changed in recent weeks/months.

Make an appointment

Dermatologists specialize in skin health. You should schedule an annual skin check with a dermatologist if:

  • You notice unusual changes or signs, such as more moles on your skin
  • You have a history of skin cancer

Our dermatology department has a dedicated team of specially trained dermatologists who can look at your skin and easily spot anything that needs further investigation or treatment.


By Tanya Hathwary, MD

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