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[MUSIC PLAYING] It's time to make a choice about the type of health plan and coverage you'll need for this coming year. It's important to think about every year because your needs may have changed. This is why so many people are looking at Medicare Advantage plans. They want great care at a cost they can afford. In fact, Medicare Advantage plan members save $1,598 more than people with original Medicare. Keep watching this video to help you find a Medicare Advantage plan that's right for you. 

My name is Sofia, and I'm 70 years old. I love gardening and being outdoors. I've been pretty healthy, and I want to stay that way. To me, preventing illness is the most important thing. Through my Medicare Advantage plan, I have a doctor and care team who take the time to create a wellness plan just for me. I also have a membership to a fitness center offered at no extra cost. And I feel like I've found the right fit for me. 

It is important to know what your needs will be this coming year. How many times will you visit the doctor? Do you visit specialists regularly? Do you have any medical problems that might need hospital care? Do you expect any surgeries or hospital stays? What about prescription medicines? Are there other needs to think about? All of these questions may give you a reason to look at a Medicare Advantage plan instead of original Medicare. What's right for You 

I'm Jamal. I'm 67. I really enjoy my free time and think of myself as an adventurous spirit. I was curious about Medicare Advantage and if it was a better choice than my current Medicare plan, so I called Optum. They put me in touch with an independent licensed insurance agent to learn more. I realized that I actually had plan choices. Most of them included dental, vision, hearing, and more. Also, many of them had no monthly premium. I could even see a doctor from my smartphone no matter where I am. It's like an all-in-one plan designed with me in mind. 


Depending on where you live or even your health needs, there may be many Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. You may be able to find ones that cover many extras. The best way to make a smart choice is to speak to an independent licensed insurance agent. You can get help comparing plans and finding one that fits your unique situation. A short phone call is all it takes. It can give you the confidence you need to choose a Medicare plan that offers better care for you at a lower cost for you. 


My name is Carol. I'm 66. I love cooking and spending time with my grandkid. And I love my life. A few years ago, I found out I had type 2 diabetes. I've been taking care of it with medicine and exercise. I'm so thankful that I chose a Medicare Advantage plan. It's given me a closer connection to my doctor and a team of people who are caring for me. They check in with me. Am I taking my medicine? Am I following my diet? They care. That's important. It makes a difference, and it's helped me stay much healthier. 


Now is the time to start living your healthiest life. Learn about your choices and find a Medicare Advantage plan that fits your needs. Take this opportunity to do something simple that could help you improve your health and life forever. Talk to an independent insurance agent. Together, you can compare plans and find one that fits your needs and budget. Many people save as much as 30% on health care costs over original Medicare. Take your next step today. 


Need to learn more? Download our no-cost guide to living healthier with Medicare Advantage, or call us today and we'll introduce you to a licensed independent insurance agent in your area to help you find the right Medicare Advantage plan for you. 


Find out how choosing the right Medicare Advantage plan gives you better health care at lower costs.