How Dr. Hsu helps student athletes

We talk to Dr. Jim Hsu about his role in local sports.

March 18, 2022


Dr. Jim Hsu spends most of his time as an awarded orthopedic surgeon at The Polyclinic. He has an extensive background that includes an orthopedic sports medicine fellowship in Los Angeles and working with multiple teams and athletes.

Applying his experience in sports medicine, Dr. Hsu has also spent much of his time volunteering for the Edmonds School District to help student athletes since 2005.

Dr. Hsu is on the sidelines during football season, even traveling for the playoffs. For two games a night, he helps injured athletes. Players can even see him outside of their games.

On Saturdays, he's in the clinic to make sure players are taken care of. He says, "They don't have to go and sit in the emergency room all night just for an x-ray. They can come see us in Northgate at 8 a.m. Saturday morning!"

Dr. Hsu emphasizes minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures so that patients can get back to their usual activities quickly. People can work again, and players can play their sports. During his time volunteering, he has seen players flourish after injury.

"The best part is working with the athletic trainers for so many years," says Hsu. "Another is seeing students come through; some for just one season, but others I've followed through their high school and collegiate athletics, and a few into their professional careers."

One such player even wanted to return to Seattle just so Dr. Hsu could do their needed surgery. The surgery went well, and the student athlete ended up playing in the National Football League for several years.

“I want to make sure the patient understands the problem at hand and how the treatment will be focused on those aspects. I also would like to find out from the patient what are the most important aspects of their lives and how can we best achieve those goals,” says Hsu.

When Dr. Hsu is not volunteering for the Edmonds School District, he runs in marathons as his sport. You can also find him in the Madison Center, Ballard, or Northgate Plaza locations of The Polyclinic.

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