As a patient of The Polyclinic, you already know that our physician-owned and run philosophy means that nothing gets in the way of doing what we think is best for your care.

This same philosophy now empowers us to offer you a service unlike any other in the Northwest. It was created to help our patients overcome a trend many of you have brought to our attention over the last year: that people are putting off needed care because of high insurance deductibles.

Our answer? We created a program that allows our patients to pay their share of the cost of medical care over 12 months. We call it the High Deductible Pain Relief Plan.

Below you will find answers to questions you may have about this innovative plan. Please read through the topics below. If you still have a question but do not see it answered, you can contact our Credit Department at (206) 860-4400 x1810.

Who is eligible?

New and existing patients of The Polyclinic with accounts in good standing. There are no income requirements.

Do I have to have a high-deductible plan?


How does this work with insurance?

The High Deductible Pain Relief Plan applies to the portion of the bill that you would pay to The Polyclinic. Your insurance will be billed as normal, and if you have a co-pay, you will need to pay that when you come in for your appointment. 

Can I use this plan if I do not have insurance?

In most cases, yes. Patients without insurance make a deposit at the time of care, and that deposit varies depending on the service. For care that qualifies, you may pay the remaining portion through the High Deductible Pain Relief Plan.  Please call our credit department at (206) 860-4400 x1810 if you have questions.

What services can be paid with this plan?

For care you receive from The Polyclinic January 1 – February 28, 2013, you can use this program to pay your portion of the bill you receive in the mail. Some exclusions apply

  1. Co-pays must be paid in full at the time of service. Contractually, we cannot defer these payments.
  2. The costs associated with surgery done in our surgery center are not eligible.
  3. Services administered by a hospital, external lab, pharmacy or non-Polyclinic physician (like an anesthesiologist) are not eligible
  4. For chemotherapy, patients new to The Polyclinic must be insured to use this program to pay their share of the cost.
  5. Procedures, services and products that are usually paid in advance are excluded, including:
    • All cosmetic services in dermatology
    • All procedures and services delivered in plastic surgery, including cosmetic and reconstructive
    • LASIK surgery
    • All products, including lens and frames and skin care products
    • DME (Durable Medical Equipment) not billable to insurance 

    Some services require deposits, but the balance billed to you may be applied to the High Deductible Pain Relief Plan, including: 

    1. Services to patients without insurance paying cash
    2. Obstetrical services

    Please call our credit department at (206) 860-4400 x1810 to inquire about your specific situation.

    What are my payment options?

    Payment for qualified care can be paid over as long as 12 months. Legally, we are required to charge some interest for payments over an extended period of time. Payments made within 3 months will not be charged interest. Payment plans between 4 – 12 months will be charged 1% interest. 

    What should I do next?

    To take advantage of the High Deductible Pain Relief Plan, you will need to contact us. When you get your bill, call The Polyclinic’s credit department at (206) 860-4400 x1810. They will collect any needed information and set you up. Reference this program when calling to set up payments. 

    What if I have additional questions?

    You can call our credit department at (206) 860-4400 x1810